HDMI ARC and Optical Can Be Used At The Same Time?

Buying the stereo system is not that tough task to accomplish because when you are out for buying the stereo system there you can find so many branded systems and that system ensures their quality.

HDMI vs Optical

However, they can only perform to their fullest when there is a proper connection, in that task, most of the general audience getting failed. When you are about buying the stereo system also think about which to choose among HDMI ARC vs optical audio. This may confuse you but both of these connection ensures your music quality.

Basis about HDMI and optical audio

Always it is advisable to go with the HDMI connection but if you are looking more then understand about their basis that can help you in choosing the best one. You cannot make use of HDMI and optical cable together, but the purpose of both of these cables are similar. They connect one device to another and pass the audio from one to another via this connection.

The price of these cables are cheaper and they are better than the analog. The best thing about the HDMI cables is that they give you the high-resolution audio.

HDMI vs Optical

Depends on need

Everything falls based upon your need, it is also the same in when choosing the audio cables. There is a question, can I use HDMI ARC and optical audio at same time the answer to this question is no. You cannot have the audio from both of these cables at the same time. But there is an option for you that you can use the HDMI cables for the television resolution and get the audio from the receiver via the optical cables because you cannot have both on your television.

Final words

Both of these HDMI and optical can be used for the audio but with the help of this article, you have come to know that both you cannot have it at the same time.